In this article we try to explain the difference between private ambulances and government ambulances and how each one works.

Private ambulance services are referred to as "round-the-clock" and in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and after obtaining legal permissions (original agreement, licensing and technical authorization), with the aim of providing ambulance services , And is established for the transportation of non-emergency patients.

Definition of ambulance

An ambulance is a kind of vehicle that can be provided by its medical staff with emergency services and is responsible for the transfer of patients and accidents from the point of accident to the hospital.


 The primary equipment used in ambulances

The types of ambulances have a range of basic equipment for the recovery and care of patients and accidents, including the following:

  • Oxygen machine
  • Artificial respiration (ventilator)
  • Shock device (defibrillator)
  • Blood glucose test device (glucometer)
  • And ...

Ambulance types

Ambulances are divided into three categories:

Ground ambulance

It is said to cars (usually four-wheelers) that have enough space to carry medical and care equipment as well as patients and accidents.

Benz and Tiota ambulances are the most used in Iran.

Ambulance vehicles are usually white and with warning signs.

Air ambulance

In the air ambulance section, helicopters and helicopters are used in hard-to-reach areas or when relief times are important.

Air supplies also carry the required equipment.

Marine ambulance

In the maritime ambulance section, this task involves vessels operating in the seas and oceans.

These boats are transported to the sea at high speed and transported to the hospital by ambulance after landing.



Private ambulance recipients

  • patients
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Institutions and organs and organizations
  • Armed Forces

Services offered at private ambulances

Transportation of patients and non-emergency casualties from the unit to the home and vice versa
Non-emergency patient transport between health centers or from city to county
Establishment in medical and non-therapeutic centers at the request of the relevant authorities of that center

What is the difference between private and public ambulances? What's the difference with 115?

Ambulances are divided into public and private categories.
Government ambulance: The same is an emergency. Benz vehicles and people under the direct recruitment and direct supervision of the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services number 115 can use it.
Private ambulances: Ambulances that are privately owned and used for the transport of patients in or out of the city.

By law, Emergency 115 is responsible for dealing with emergencies and emergencies, and has an appropriate urban and urban coverage throughout the country, covering 100% of freeways, 80% of highways, 70% of main roads and 10% of secondary roads, and has 2,056 base stations. Urban and road. On the other hand, ambulance equipment is complete and its forces and technicians have enough expertise. The ambulance specialist ambulance service is different from the job description, mission, and work processes, so the comparison between these two organizations is not correct due to the structural and functional differences.


The key difference between private and public ambulances is that government ambulances are obliged to provide citizens with free services, while private centers receive fees for services based on tariffs.

The armed forces and other institutions that have ambulance services are only responsible for carrying patients from their centers to hospitals if there is a problem.
The ambulances assigned to each hospital are the responsibility of the patient to continue the treatment with a doctor's order.

Telephone number of private and public ambulances

Phone number 115, which is an emergency number throughout the country.

Other private ambulance centers also have their own telephone numbers, which can be contacted 24 hours a day.

The following phone numbers are improved for private ambulances.

  • 09132664399
  • 03136615000


State Emergency Organization

Private refugee ambulance in Isfahan is ready to serve and deliver patients.

To use the ambulance service, you can contact the numbers you are interested in.